Anhui Yetvo Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd, headquartered in Quanjiao Yangqiao Industrial Park, Chuzhou City, Anhui Pro., China, is a professional and leading high-tech manufacturer, specializing in the research, development, production and marketing for communications fiber cable, cable accessories and integrated cabling products. NewYetvo Tech plant covers a modern workshop and a R&D center building, total area reachs 16,000 Sqm.
Yetvo Tech has established a perfect production process and quality control system, which has already got the ISO Quality Certification. In recent years, Yetvo Tech has strengthened cooperation with domestic research institutes and jointly developed new products to meet the changing market demand. Based on years of experience in optoelectronic industry, Yetvo Tech is committed to invest in advanced manufacturing equipment, like Tight-set optical fiber cable production line, Flexible optical fiber cable sheath production line, FTTH  Bow-type  drop  cable  optical  fiber  cable  production  line,  fiber coloring machine, Optical fiber cable loosetube production line, SZ optical fibercablestranded synthetic cable production line, 90 # optical fiber cable sheath production line, ADSS optical fiber cable production line and so on; also owns some quality inspection equipment,  like  Yokogawa  OTDR  of  Japan,  PK2800  optical  fiber  geometric parameters test of the United States, optical fiber cable mechanical tensile tester, water penetration tester, High-and-low temperature test box and other inspection equipment.
Yetvo Tech 's principal product categories include: indoor fiber cables, break out fiber optic cables, base station fiber optic cable, MPO and MTP mini-fiber optic cables, FTTH Bow-type drop cable, Unitube light-armored cable,  stranded fiber optic cable, mining flame-retardant cable, GTYA53 direct buried fiber optic cable, optoelectronic composite fiber optic cable, ADSS all-dielectric self-supporting Aerial cable, OPGW Optic Electric Composite cable and other indoor and outdoor fiber optic cable accessories.
Yetvo Tech focus on providing first-class solutions for domestic and foreign telecom operators and system integrators, as well as OEM service. Our products has been widely used in Telecom Operator Network, City Safety, Intelligent Safeguard Systems, FTTH Engineering, Electric Power Data Transmission, Large Data Center, Cloud Data Center, Internet ofThings, Expressway and Rail traffic signal transmission and other information transmission fields.